Faecal Incontinence

Faecal incontinence is a condition where a person does not have control over either gas, liquid, or solid stools. Faecal incontinence can affect the quality of life of patients who suffer from it. Because of this, we work extremely closely with you to maximise your quality of life when treating incontinence. 

Faecal incontinence can potentially result from several conditions, and you will be thoroughly assessed to understand the underlying cause of the incontinence. After taking a thorough history and examination in the clinic, you may be sent for some investigations, including colonoscopy, scans (CT or MRI), an ultrasound of the anal sphincter muscles and/or anorectal physiological studies.

For patients with incontinence, we will carefully work with you to ensure that we can improve incontinence episodes and your quality of life. This may include treatment with medications, enemas, rectal irrigation and sometimes pelvic floor training. There are some surgical options for faecal incontinence, but these are often last resort modalities.

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