Constipation is an extremely common condition. If you suffer from constipation, we will take a detailed history and perform a clinical examination when you come to our clinic. We would look for signs of underlying medical problems that a leading to constipation. Often, further tests are required, which may include colonoscopy, CT scans or X-ray transit studies where we assess how quickly the colon passes material that shows up on the X-ray after being swallowed. 

Once a diagnosis of constipation has been established, we can work closely with you to improve your symptoms. These will include in-depth dietary and lifestyle advice as well as medications. Other treatments include enemas or rectal irrigation, which is a treatment that aims to ‘clean out the rectum to improve the transit of stool through the bowel, as well as new generation laxatives. It is very uncommon that patients with constipation require surgical intervention; however, we can offer this in extreme cases.  

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